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Askari Security Officers

We understand that making positive first impressions is key to business success. Our Security Officers are selected and trained to create positive encounters. They act with integrity and professionalism, keeping you and your premises safe and sound. They are all smartly presented in appropriate uniform and personal protective equipment, with their identity cards on show. Every Officer is trained and licensed to meet current Security Industry Authority legislation and is thoroughly vetted to BS7858. 

Whilst on your premises, we deliver our services in line with your corporate image and culture, to your exacting standards.

Our management team are closely in touch with our officers wherever they are, both via the state-of-the-art 24/7 control room and through regular visits by supervisors and directors.

We can provide manned guarding to suit all purposes, from protecting high-risk sites, to a concierge and reception service, and we can also train and provide visitor service assistants.

Askari Mobile Response

In the demanding world of mobile response, we take pride in hitting high targets, responding to at least 98% of all alarm activations within the 20-minute police guideline. Our mobile patrols, in liveried vehicles, are highly visible and fully compliant with BS7499 and BS7984 for mobile security, keyholding and response.

All of our mobile responders use digital data tools to accurately record times of visits and alarm responses, and we can report our response to you as it happens. GPS-based tracking enables the 24/7 control room to monitor our patrol vehicles wherever they are.

Askari Technical

Askari’s on site-security alarm is a 100% wireless system which can be installed anywhere and is ideally suited to swift installation and remote premises.

Through dual-band radio technology the alarm unit communicates with a variety of wireless sensors, sounders and keypads. The system is linked to our 24/7 receiving centre via the GSM (mobile phone) network. Every alarm reaches us, instantly. 

Appropriate warning signage, making clear that your premises are alarmed (and, where appropriate guarded) is provided and installed free of charge. Signs can be fixed to perimeter fence, buildings or scaffolding.

For more demanding applications, we offer a stand-alone wireless system with Video Verification, using an infra-red camera built into alarm sensors. When an alarm is activated the camera captures video footage which is then immediately uploaded and sent to our receiving centre. Operators can see exactly who or what has caused the alarm, and make a rapid and accurate assessment of the risk and appropriate response.

At high-security sites, remote video monitoring enables operators to connect and view permanently-installed CCTV systems on client premises. The on-site system communicates with the monitoring centre over a broadband line (ADSL, fibre or wireless) and sends status and alarm activation images to the operator. Incase of alarm activation, the operator connects instantly to the site CCTV system, carrying out a ‘virtual patrol’ using the cameras. A swift, appropriate, and proportionate response is initiated, which can include audible challenge to intruders through loudspeakers installed on site.

Based in Hampshire we cover the South of England including London, Berkshire, Dorset Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire.