Key Holding Response & Alarm response

The responsibility of providing keyholding and alarm services requires a rapid and effective response. Askari operates with mobile units administered and tracked from our main control centre and equipped with a GPS tracking device. Whatever the hour, whatever the emergency, Askari will manage all alarm activations, including accidental, providing practical support and reassurance to our clients, thereby removing the associated risks and challenges of having a member of staff acting as a keyholder.

Vacant Property Checks

Whether occupied or not you need to be sure your building is safe, secure and presentable. Askari protect the value of your property by mitigating the risk of criminal damage, illegal access, fire and flooding by performing property inspections in compliance with insurance company requirements.

Lock Unlock Service   

Askari’s licensed mobile inspectors can lock and unlock your building at times that your business requires. Our inspectors are trained to set your alarm system to ensure that your building is secure and deactivate when performing the unlock service.